Chingiz Allazov & ONE Championship Still on Troubled Path – "I'm Ready to Leave My Belt, Everyone Already Knows Who the Champion Is"

Jun 13, 2024
Chingiz Allazov with his belt. Photo: ONE Championship
As the Featherweight Grand Prix inches closer, the reigning champion's path remains uncertain.

The Chingiz Allazov and ONE Championship saga has not come to an end quite yet. Beyond Kickboxing has received comment that the Azerbaijani-Belarusian athlete is still looking for a way out of his contract. Allazov stressed that he and ONE are "not on the same path". 

Problems first started to arise earlier this year, when the champion made his discontent with the Singaporean combat sports giant known to the public. 

ONE Championship quickly responded, stating that they won't terminate Allazov's contract but will instead try to resolve any issues. The reigning Featherweight kickboxing champion's deal is set to expire in December 2026.

Three weeks later, the promotion announced the interim Featherweight title fight between Superbon and Marat Grigorian. Unbeknownst to the public, Allazov's team revealed that they had approved giving up the prestigious belt on their own terms at that time.

"After a recent conversation with ONE, my team gave the go-ahead for the Superbon-Grigorian fight for my belt, but they made the fight for the vacant [interim] belt."

Superbon vs. Marat Grigorian: Photo: ONE Championship

While Tawanchai just confirmed his participation in the upcoming Featherweight Grand Prix, and other top fighters such as Sitthichai and Masaaki Noiri are gunning for their spot, Chingiz Allazov has been absent from promotional material since the initial tournament announcement.

Despite being out of the spotlight, Allazov has kept up with his training while touring throughout Europe doing seminars, as he's eager to compete with or without the backing of ONE Championship.