Clash Between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem Breaks Subscriber Numbers in the Netherlands

Oct 13, 2022
No hard feelings after the fight. Photo: Matt Ferris
The fight between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem resulted in a record number of new Videoland subscribers last Saturday.

As expected, Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem are still major draws in the Netherlands. The two ended their trilogy last Saturday evening in the main event of COLLISION 4. 

The former UFC fighter was triumphant, knocking down Hari in the third round and securing a unanimous decision win. Not only the card, but the Dutch broadcasting team had a stellar lineup. GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven made his debut as an analyst, and was joined by Remy Bonjasky and Melvin Manhoef.

The broadcast immediately became the title with the most streams in a day this year, RTL reported on Tuesday.

It is not known how many new people have joined the streaming service, but RTL confirmed that the old subscriber record from 2018 has been broken by no less than 50 percent. 

On average viewers tuned in for 2 hours and 45 minutes, showing that the general public also had an interest in the rest of the fights.