GLORY Kickboxing Has Signed Former Enfusion Standouts Tayfun Ozcan and Younes Smaili

May 17, 2024
Tayfun Ozcan before the fight. Photo: ONE Championship
Two top Lightweight contenders have signed with the European kickboxing giant.

After the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix draw, GLORY fans were surprised with the long-awaited signings of ex-ONE Championship star Tayfun Ozcan and Enfusion champion Younes Smaili. Smaili recently switched to ARJ Training, where the head coach of the gym is Mikael Polanen. The gym has become the home base for many GLORY fighters including Jan Kaffa, Michael Boapeah, and Nico Horta who are all fighting this Saturday as well as the GLORY Light Heavyweight champion Tarik Khbabez. 

The two newly signed GLORY stars were scheduled to face each other in October at Enfusion. That bout has been canceled now. Whether the fight will be rescheduled under the GLORY banner remains to be seen, both fighters didn't confirm nor deny a possible future meeting during the presentation.

GLORY matchmaker Robbie Timmers raised a few eyes when he put Lightweight Muay Thai legend Youssef Boughanem on the GLORY 91 card after he announced earlier that the division was going to be put on hold for the moment. Ozcan talked about the Welterweight division during his presentation. But with the signing of two big names that have previously been active in the Lightweight division, speculations will rise once again for a possible revival of the division.