GLORY Rivals 4 Weigh-ins Results: Seiki Ueyama Misses Weight, All 20 Fights For The Last Mega Event of the Year Go Ahead as Planned

Dec 24, 2022
Petchpanomrung and Kosei Yamada. Photo: GLORY Kickkboxing
The official weigh-ins for GLORY Rivals 4 & RISE World Series / SHOOTBOXING-Kings 2022 took place today.

Only Seiki Ueyama missed weight, all other 39 fighters made their contracted weight and the event will proceed tomorrow as planned with 20 bouts.  

Headlining GLORY Rivals 4 will be former RISE Lightweight champion Kento Haraguchi and GLORY Featherweight title challenger Serhii Adamchuk. Haraguchi weighed in at 64.75 kg, while Adamchuk tipped the scales at 64.8 kg. 

Former Shoot Boxing Super Lightweight champion and 2018 SHOOT BOXING S-Cup World Tournament winner Kaito takes on GLORY Lightweight title challenger Stoyan Koprivlenski. Both fighters made weight on their first attempt.

GLORY Featherweight & RISE World champion Petchpanomrung takes on RISE Super Lightweight champion Kosei Yamada. This will be Yamada's retirement fight. Both made weight. - - 2022-12-24T162653.992.webp

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Kento Haraguchi (64.75 kg) vs. Serhii Adamchuk (64.8 kg) - Super Lightweight Main Event  

Kaito (69.45 kg) vs. Stoyan Koprivlenski (69.95 kg) - Middleweight Bout

Petchpanomrung (64.95 kg) vs. Kosei Yamada (64.85 kg) - Super Lightweight Bout

Taiju Shiratori (64.95 kg) vs. Ilias Bannis (62.45 kg) - Super Lightweight  Bout

Hiroki Sasahara (63.45 kg) vs. Chadd Collins (63.2 kg) - Catchweight Bout

Manazo Kobayashi (51.5 kg) vs. Tessa De Kom (50.8 kg) - Catchweight Bout  


Masahiko Suzuki (54,95 kg) vs. Shiro (54,9 kg) - Bantamweight Bout

Yusaku Ishizuka (60.6 kg) vs. Yuki Sasahara (60.95 kg) - Catchweight Bout

Koyuki Miyazaki (45.85 kg) vs. Misaki (45.9 kg) - Atomweight Bout

Seiki Ueyama (56.8 kg → *56,45 kg) vs. Koki Osaki (54.95 kg) - Super Bantamweight Bout

Kyo Kawakami (57.45 kg) vs. Haruto Yasumoto (57.35 kg) - Featherweight Bout

Kotaro Yamada (57.45 kg) vs. Keisuke Monguchi (57.4 kg) - Featherweight Bout

Yuki Sakamoto (88.55 kg) vs. Kenta Nanbara (94.5 kg) - Catchweight Bout

Shuto Sato (52.9 kg) vs. Tsubasa (52.85 kg) - Catchweight Bout

Shoa Arii (55 kg) vs. Koyata Yamada (54.9 kg) - Bantamweight Bout

Yuya (69.7 kg) vs. T-98 (70 kg) - Middleweight Bout

Ryujin Nasukawa (51.45 kg) vs. Koujiro (51.4 kg) - Flyweight Bout


Hyu (64.8 kg) vs. Hiroshi Noguchi (64.95 kg) - Super Lightweight Bout - King of Rookie 2022 Final

Naoki Kasahara (52.95 kg) vs. Takumi Hoshi (52.9 kg) - Catchweight Bout

Ryuto Shiokawa (62.85 kg) vs. Soma Higashi (62.8 kg) - Lightweight Bout