Jamal Ben Saddik Could Face 40 Months in Prison on Money Laudering Charges

Jun 02, 2024
Jamal Ben Saddik before his fight against Benjamin Adegbuyi. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing
The Dutch Public Prosecution Service claims Ben Saddik was among four men who laundered black money.

After just being suspended for an in-ring scuffle, Jamal Ben Saddik, 33, has found himself in more serious trouble. The two-time GLORY Heavyweight title challenger is among four men accused by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service of laundering money acquired through illegal activities.

According to the prosecution, Ben Saddik laundered money obtained through the cocaine trade for a Dutch sports agent identified as Karim S. The sports agent drew up fraudulent employment contracts for Ben Saddik and took a 20% commission fee for each contract, laundering approximately €130,000 with the help of the 33-year old kickboxer. Karim S. also drew up a false employment contract for Ben Saddik's brother Said, who has several prior convictions, in order to ensure his earlier release from prison, on condition of wearing an ankle bracelet.

Ben Saddik is furthermore accused of helping facilitate cocaine trade through use of PGP encrypted phones to inform interested parties on the prices and amounts of cocaine available for purchase. He was previously arrested on March 21, 2021, on charges of selling phones utilizing the now-defunct encrypted messaging network Sky ECC for illegal use, although he was released after spending 1.5 months in detainment.

Additionally, the Dutch heavyweight put his friend, identified as Eman N., in contact with Karim S. as well. The Public Prosecution claims Eman N. likewise helped launder illegally obtained money, while a search of his home led to the discovery of €500,000 stashed away in the crawlspace of his villa.

Ben Saddik's fate will be decided on June 28, when the judge will rule on whether he is guilty of the charges brought against him.