K-1 Fighter Animal Koji Escapes Near Death As His Car Bursts Into Flames on Highway "If I Was One Step Too Late, I Would Have Died."

Dec 17, 2022
Animal Koji in front of his burned car. Photo: ANIMAL☆KOJI Instagram
Animal Koji's car suddenly caught fire while driving on the highway, the K-1 fighter reported on social media on the evening of December 15.

The accident occurred at the Shin-Tomei Expressway "Awagatake Tunnel" in Shimada City, Shizuoka. The 31-year-old reported "My car caught fire while driving on the highway", attached with several photos of his burned-out car in a highway tunnel. The fire seems to have started in the engine room.

According to Yahoo News Japan nobody was injured. (98).webp

Before the accident occurred, Koji Shikuwa - as he goes by his civil name, said that the driver of the truck driving behind him noticed smoke emitting from the car and warned him. The cause of the fire is not specified, but “My wallet was completely burned" and that if it wasn't for the helpful driver warning him "the life I was given by god would be done for".

Koji's fans made their support on social media known. "I'm glad that both Koji and his dog are safe", and "I'm so glad he's alive!", with a few comments questioning the cause of the fire "Is the oil changed, or was there not enough oil?", to which the fighter quickly replied that he got an oil change just two weeks ago.

"We will fight again tomorrow. That's my way of life", the relieved fighter wrote on social media.

He is scheduled to take on Nakahira Takumi at Krush 145 on January 21. (97).webp