K-1 ReBIRTH 2 Weigh-In Results: All Eight K-1 Champions Make Weight, K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 announced

Dec 08, 2023
Hiromi Wajima against Ouyang Feng. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
All but two fighters successfully passed the scales for this weekend’s K-1 ReBIRTH 2.

Almost all kickboxers participating in K-1 ReBIRTH 2 managed to make weight, setting the stage for K-1's last event of the year. At the same press conference and weigh-in event, K-1 producer Carlos Kikuta announced that "K-1 WORLD MAX" will be held next year on March 20. 

ReBIRTH 2 will take place this weekend on December 9 at the Edion Arena in Osaka. Despite the lack of an international broadcasting deal, the event will still feature multiple world title fights including Hasan Toy, Toma Kuroda, Akihiro Kaneko, and KANA.

In the headlining bout, Hiromi Wajima and Ouyang Feng, the best 70 KG fighters in Asia, will clash for the K-1 Super Welterweight Championship. The winner will firmly establish himself among the top fighters in the sport's most stacked division.

The event will exclusively stream on Abema on December 9 at 12:30 PM JST.



(C) Hiromi Wajima (70.00 KG) vs. Ouyang Feng (69.85 KG) – K-1 Super Welterweight Championship

(C) Hasan Toy (74.90 KG) vs. Shintaro Matsukura (74.95 KG) – K-1 Middleweight Championship

(C) Leona Pettas (60.00 KG) vs. Remi Parra (59.80 KG) – Super Featherweight Non-Title

(C) Akihiro Kaneko (55.95 KG) vs. Shanteng Lan (55.40 KG) – 56 KG Catchweight Non-Title

(C) Liu Ce (89.65 KG) vs. Seiya Tanigawa (89.65 KG) – Cruiserweight Non-Title

Toma Tanabe (57.45 KG) vs. Kyo Kawakami (57.45 KG) – Featherweight Non-Title

Kaito (67.45 KG) vs. Mason Usami (67.35 KG) – Welterweight Non-Title

Hayato Suzuki (65.95 KG) vs. Toyoki Asakura (66.10 KG)* – 66 KG Catchweight

(C) Toma Kuroda (52.95 KG) vs. Issei Ishii (53.00 KG) – K-1 Bantamweight Championship

(C) KANA (52.00 KG) vs. Antonia Prifti (51.60 KG)– K-1 Women's Flyweight Championship

SAHO (51.95 KG) vs. Li Lishan (51.05 KG) – Women's Flyweight

(C) Miyuu Sugawara (44.80 KG) vs. Lucille Deadman (44.90 KG) – Women's Atomweight Non-Title

Ryunosuke Hoshi (89.55 KG) vs. Shodai Yamaguchi (89.30 KG) – Cruiserweight

Jomthong (67.30 KG) vs. Riki Matsuoka (67.50 KG) – Welterweight

Yuto Shinohara (62.35 KG) vs. Tatsuya Oiwa (62.45 KG) – Lightweight

Shoki Kaneda (57.40 KG) vs. Daosiam (57.20 KG) – Featherweight

Tatsuya Tsubakihara (57.35 KG) vs. Kensuke (57.40 KG) – Featherweight

Abilal Himalayan Cheetah (69.85 KG) vs. Riku Yamano (69.95 KG) – Super Welterweight


Yamawaki Tsubasa (50.90 KG) vs. Matsuba Toya (50.70 KG) – 51 KG Catchweight 

Kengo Murata (54.90 KG) vs. Kaito Horii (54.80 KG) – Super Bantamweight 

Kaito Matsumoto (57.35 KG) vs. Kaishi (59.20 KG)* – Featherweight 

Sota Amano (59.75 KG) vs. Harada Toki (59.90 KG)– Super Featherweight 

Yoshimura Takumi (50.80 KG) vs. Gentaro (50.85 KG) – 51 KG Catchweight

*missed weight