K-1 World GP 2023 Results: Hasan Toy Becomes New K-1 Middleweight Champion, All Three K-1 Champions Are Victorious

Jun 03, 2023
Hasan Toy with his new belt. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
K-1 returned to the Yokohama Budokan for the first time in two years with the K-1 World GP 2023.

The K-1 World GP 2023 took place at the Yokohama Budokan in Yokohama City, Japan. The event featured the inaugural K-1 Middleweight (75 KG) World Grand Prix, and three K-1 champions that took on international competition in non-title bouts.



Hasan Toy def. Shintaro Matsukura – Hasan Toy and Shintaro Matsukura advanced to the finals in the one-day tournament to decide the first K-1 Middleweight champion. Toy made his way into the finals, brutally finishing Danilo Zanolini and winning a tough fight against Hui Li. The Japanese fighter, similarly, had an almost flawless tournament run, but didn't have much to offer in the finals. A heavy left hook, 42 seconds into the opening round was enough to crown Hasan Toy the champion. 

Akihiro Kaneko def. Emre Karaca – Heavy-hitting Akihiro Kaneko made quick work of his Turkish opponent. The trilogy fight against Masashi Kumura is the next logical step.

Yuki Yoza def. Aaron Clarke – The K-1 Lightweight champion Yoza started off the first round quickly, battering the legs and body of the Irish fighter with a never-ending onslaught of kicks and knees. The fight was mostly one way traffic for Yoza, with the champ unloading combination after combination on the durable Clarke, although Clarke was able to weather the storm. Clarke also landed solid when given breathing space, as Yoza stayed in the pocket long after exchanging. The volume would take a toll on Yoza and the pace of the fight slowed greatly during the final round. Although, the damage was done, the champion would win the fight by a wide unanimous decision victory.

Toma Kuroda def. Ramadan Ondash – The 16 year old Ramadan Ondash came out quick at the start of the first round, showing off his blistering speed with snappy leg kicks and punches to counter the equally fast K-1 champion Toma Kuroda. Both fighters would spend the rest of the fight intelligently exchanging blows at range, picking their shots and using their movement to dart in and out of range. The difference in landed strikes would remain close throughout the fight, with the young Lebanese fighter proving his skill against the reigning champion. Ultimately, Kuroda would edge the fight, winning a razor close unanimous decision victory.




Hasan Toy def. Shintaro Matsukura – KO at 0:42 of R1 – Middleweight GP Final

(C) Akihiro Kaneko def. Emre Karaca – KO at 1:48 of R1

(C) Yuki Yoza def. Aaron Clarke – Unanimous Decision

(C) Toma Kuroda def. Ramadan Ondash – Unanimous Decision

Koji Ikeda def. Petchmongkol – Extra Round Decision

Tomoya Yokoyama def. Oiwa Tatsuya – Majority Decision

Nakajima Chihiro def. Kyung Min Han – KO at 1:06 of R1

Pakorn def. Daizo Sasaki – Extra Round Decision

Shintaro Matsukura def. Mustapha Haida – Unanimous Decision – Middleweight GP Semi Final

Hasan Toy def. Hui Li – Unanimous Decision – Middleweight GP Semi Final

Tatsuya Tsubakihara def. Riku Morisaka – Unanimous Decision

Kazuki Miburo def. Yusei Shirahata – Unanimous Decision

Ryunosuke Saito def. Rui Okubo – Extra Round Decision

Mustapha Haida def. MIKE JOE – Majority Decision –  Middleweight GP Quarter Final

Shintaro Matsukura def. Vinicius Dionizio – KO at 2:19 of R2 – Middleweight GP Quarter Final

Hasan Toy def. Danilo Zanolini – KO at 1:35 of R1 –  Middleweight GP Quarter Final

Hui Li def. Katsuya Jinbo – Extra Round Decision –  Middleweight GP Quarter Final

Aqil Bukhari def. Tomoki Yoshino – KO at 2:11 of R2 


Masaki Oishi def. Yashazaru – KO at 1:17 of R1

Raita Hashimoto vs. Kokoro Terashima – Majority Draw