K-1 World GP 2023 Weigh-in Results: 33 Out of 34 Fighters Make Weight, Three K-1 Champions Ready for Tomorrow

Jun 02, 2023
Three K-1 champions in action tomorrow. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
The official weigh-ins for the K-1 World GP 2023 took place today.

The K-1 World GP 2023 will take place tomorrow morning, Saturday, June 3, at the Yokohama Budokan in Yokohama City, Japan.

33 of the 34 fighters made weight on their first attempt. 

Only Korean fighter Kyung Min Han missed weight by 0.6 KG. As a result, both he and his opponent Nakajima Chihiro agreed to the following terms: In the first round, Kyung Min Han starts the fight with a one-point deduction. Secondly, he will be deducted 20% of his purse. Additionally, the rules state that Min Han will be handicapped with 10-ounce instead of 8-ounce gloves, but Nakajima refused this, so both fighters will wear 8-ounce gloves.

The card features three K-1 champions, all of them in non-title bouts against international competition.

The K-1 World GP 2023 will stream on ABEMA at 12:30 PM Japanese time. The stream will most likely be region-locked, meaning international viewers will need a VPN to watch.




(C) Akihiro Kaneko (55.95 KG) vs. Emre Karaca (55.90 KG) – Catchweight

(C) Yuki Yoza (62.45 KG) vs. Aaron Clarke (62.40 KG) – Lightweight

(C) Toma Kuroda (53.0 KG) vs. Ramadan Ondash (52.85 KG) – Bantamweight

Koji Ikeda (52.95 KG) vs. Petchmongkol (53.0  KG) – Bantamweight

Oiwa Tatsuya (60.0 KG) vs. Tomoya Yokoyama (59.95 KG) – Super Featherweight

Nakajima Chihiro (59.90 KG) vs. Kyung Min Han (60.60 KG) – Super Featherweight

Daizo Sasaki (65.0 KG) vs. Pakorn (64.90 KG) – Super Lightweight

Tatsuya Tsubakihara (57.35 KG) vs. Riku Morisaka (57.45 KG) – Featherweight

Kazuki Miburo (52.95 KG) vs. Yusei Shirahata (53.0 KG) – Bantamweight

Rui Okubo (52.90 KG) vs. Ryunosuke Saito (52.95 KG) – Bantamweight

Mustapha Haida (75.0 KG) vs. MIKE JOE (74.95 KG) – Middleweight

Shintaro Matsukura (74.90 KG) vs. Vinicius Dionizio (74.95 KG) – Middleweight

Danilo Zanolini (74.95 KG) vs. Hasan Toy (75.0 KG) – Middleweight

Katsuya Jinbo (74.90 KG) vs. Hui Li (75.0 KG)– Middleweight

Aqil Bukhari (74.90 KG) vs. Tomoki Yoshino (75.0 KG) – Middleweight


Yashazaru (74.95 KG) vs. Masaki Oishi (75.0 KG) – Middleweight

Raita Hashimoto (57.50 KG) vs. Kokoro Terashima (57.50 KG) – Featherweight