K-1 WORLD MAX 2024: All 40 Fighters on Weight, Buakaw Banchamek, Yuki Yoza, Akihiro Kaneko, and More in Action Tomorrow

Jul 06, 2024
Stoyan and Buakaw in great shape. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
The official weigh-ins for K-1 WORLD MAX took place today.

The weigh-ins for "K-1 WORLD MAX 2024," which will be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium in Tokyo on Sunday, July 7, 2024, went smoothly today. All 40 fighters made weight without any issues, and the event will proceed with 20 bouts, 17 of which are on the main card.

In the most-anticipated Grand Prix fight, Buakaw Banchamek passed at 69.45 kg, while his opponent, GLORY Kickboxing No. 2 ranked Stoyan Koprivlenskiy passed at 69.85kg.

The only irregularity went down in the weigh-ins between Guilherme Monteiro and Yokoyama Tomoya. The Brazilian fighter arrived late to Japan due to engine trouble. In addition to the 30-hour-flight, his team and K-1 came to the agreement to up the weigh limit for his Super Featherweight bout to 61 kg instead of 60 kg.

Other notable fights include the first round of the 55 kg tournament featuring Akihiro Kaneko, Masashi Kumura, Rui Okubo, and Riamu. The second half will feature the international field. From Europe, Greek's Angelos Martinos and Spain's Antonio Orden. From Asia, Cambodia's Kan Menghong and China's Zhao Zhendong.

Co-headlining the event will reigning K-1 Lightweight champion Yoza Yuki against former K-1 champion Kongnapa in a non-title bout.


The prelims tomorrow starting at 13:00 PM ET and can be purchased on TrillerTV as PPV. Visit for more information.


K-1 WORLD MAX 2024

Yuki Yoza (63.40 kg) vs. Kongnapa Weerasakreck (63.40 kg) – 63.50 kg Catchweight

Shintaro Matsukura (79.90 kg) vs. Alexandru Amaritei (79.20 kg) – 80.00 kg Catchweight

Kaneko Akihiro (54.90 kg) vs. Kan Meng Hong (54.80 kg) – 55 kg Tournament 1st Round

Masashi Kumura (55.00 kg) vs. Antonio Orden (55.00 kg) – 55 kg Tournament 1st Round

Riamu Masamoto (55.00 kg) vs. Angelos Martinos (54.70 kg) – 55 kg Tournament 1st Round

Rui Okubo (54.90 kg) vs. Zhendong Zhao (54. 70kg) – 55 kg Tournament 1st Round


Kacper Muszyński (69.70kg) vs. Zhora Akopyan (69.50kg) – 70 kg Tournament Quarter Finals

Viktor Akimov (69.70 kg) vs. Romano Bakboord (69.50 kg) – 70 kg Tournament Quarter Finals

Raphael Silva (69.80kg) vs. Darryl Verdonk (69.60kg) – 70 kg Tournament Quarter Finals

Stoyan Koprivlenski (69.85 kg) vs. Buakaw Banchamek (69. 45 kg) – 70 kg Tournament Quarter Finals

Petros Freitas (69.80 kg) vs. Sergio Sanchez (69.80 kg) –  70 kg Tournament Reserve Fight

Yokoyama Tomoya (61.00 kg) vs. Guilherme Monteiro (60.50 kg) – Super Featherweight

Shoki Kaneda (57.40 kg) vs. Takumi Terada (57.40 kg) – Featherweight

Naoki Yamamoto (59.70 kg) vs. Yuta Matsuyama (59.90 kg) – Super Featherweight

Kira Matsutani (44.80 kg) vs. Yoo Jung Jung (44.30 kg) – Women's Atomweight

Koki Tomimura (54.90 kg) vs. Koji Ikeda (54.90 kg) – Super Bantamweight