K-1 WORLD MAX: One Fighter Misses Weight, All 25 Fights Go Ahead As Planned

Mar 19, 2024
Sina Karimian and Liu Ce. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
The official weigh-ins for K-1 WORLD MAX took place today.

K-1 WORLD MAX returns with a massive fight card – 50 fighters will compete in K-1's possibly longest event yet. The first round of the K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16 will serve as the centerpiece. Additionally, two world titles will be contested, and multiple K-1 versus RISE fights will continue the feud from last weekend's RISE ELDORADO 2024.

Late replacement Romano Bakboord was the only fighter to miss the mark. He weighed in at 70.95 kilograms, 950 grams over the required limit. He will be fined 20% of his purse and starts the fight with a 1-point deduction. Additionally, he has to wear 10-ounce gloves instead of 8-ounce gloves.

The prelims tomorrow starting at 12:00 AM ET, including the K-1 vs. RISE fights that will be live and FREE on Triller TV, followed by the PPV which features two world title fights plus the seven K-1 MAX Final 16 fights.

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Hiromi Wajima (70.00 KG) vs. Darryl Verdonk (69.50 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

Ouyang Feng (69.80 KG) vs. Pascal Schroth (69.60 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

Viktor Akimov (69.70 KG)  vs. Rei Nakajima (69.90 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

(c) Sina Karimian (89.50 KG) vs. Liu Ce (89.90 KG) – K-1 Cruiserweight Championship

(c) Antonia Prifti (52.00 KG)  vs. SAHO (52.00 KG) – K-1 Women's Flyweight Championship

Stoyan Koprivlenski (69.80 KG) vs. Kacper Muszyński (69.60 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

Zhora Akopyan (69.70 KG) vs. Taras Hnatchuk (69.40 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

Romano Bakboord (70.95 KG) vs. Thananchai (69.60 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16

Dengue Silva (69.80 KG) vs. Riku (70.00 KG) – K-1 World Max 2024 Final 16


Taito Gunji (57.50 KG) vs. Keisuke Monguchi (57.50 KG) – Featherweight  

Miyuu Sugawara (45.40 KG) vs. Koyuki Miyazaki (45.40 KG) – Catchweight   

Yuki Egawa (60.00 KG) vs. Hyuma Hitachi (60.00 KG) – Super Featherweight    

Shoki Kaneda (57.40 KG) vs. Daiki Toita (57.45 KG) – Featherweight    

Yuta Matsuyama (59.90 KG) vs. Andrei Haraguchi (59.80 KG) – Super Featherweight


Koya Urabe (64.90 KG) vs. Hayato Suzuki (65.00 KG) –  Super Lightweight

Masashi Kumura (56.00 KG) vs. Luca Cecchetti (55.50 KG) – Catchweight 

Hirotaka Asahisa (59.80 KG) vs. Rémi Parra (59.90 KG) – Super Featherweight   

Panchan Rina (47.40 KG) vs. Koto Hiraoka (47.50 KG) – Catchweight   

Meison Usami (67.40 KG) vs. Yasuhito Shirasu (67.40 KG) – Welterweight    

Fumiya Osawa (63.90 KG) vs. Yutaka (63.90 KG) – Catchweight    

Kazuki Miburo (53.00 KG) vs. Rui Okubo (53.00 KG) – Bantamweight   

Kwon Jangwon (126.80 KG) vs. Yusuke Ando (94.40 KG) – Super Heavyweight 


Daichi Kimura (94.90 KG) vs. Yu Fujikura (92.90 KG) – Catchweight   

Kengo Murata (54.90 KG) vs. Takumi Shima (54.90 KG) – Super Bantamweight  

Ryunosuke (62.40 KG) vs. Kuto Ueno (62.40 KG) – Lightweight