ONE Fight Night 16 Weigh-in Results: Main Event Set, Mouhcine Chafi Forfeits 30% Of His Purse for 4.5 Lbs Weigh Miss

Nov 03, 2023
Tense staredown between the two champions. Photo: ONE Championship
The ONE Championship weigh-ins for ONE Fight Night 16: Jonathan Haggerty vs. Fabricio Andrade went down yesterday.

Reigning ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai champion Jonathan Haggerty showed no signs of struggle this time around and came in way under the weight limit. He tipped the scales at 141.75 lbs for this 145 lbs kickboxing title bout. Fabricio Andrade also passed hydration and weight on his first attempt.

The other four kickboxers, Anna Jaroonsak, Cristina Morales, Zhang Peimian, Rui Botelho had no trouble passing their weight and hydration.

The only fighter to miss weight was Mouhcine Chafi. He came in at a massive 7.75 lbs over on his first attempt, and 4.5lbs over the weight on his second attempt. He will forfeit 30% of his purse to Sinsamut Klinmee for missing weight. The bout will now be at a catchweight of 174.5 lbs.



Jonathan Haggerty (141.75 lbs, 1.0023) vs. Fabricio Andrade (144.50 lbs, 1.0156) – Kickboxing Bantamweight – ONE Kickboxing Championship

Tye Ruotolo (183.00 lbs, 1.0195) vs. Magomed Abdulkadirov (184.00 lbs, 1.0187) – Submission Grappling - Welterweight 

Seksan Or Kwanmuang (140.00 lbs, 1.0233) vs. Karim Bennoui (139.75 lbs, 1.0005) – Muay Thai Catchweight 

Halil Amir (169.75 lbs, 1.0195) vs. Ahmed Mujtaba (168.50 lbs, 1.0099) – MMA Lightweight 

Sinsamut Klinmee (168.75 lbs, 1.0164) vs. Mouhcine Chafi (174.50 lbs, 1.0083) – Muay Thai Catchweight

Zhang Peimian (123.00 lbs, 1.0199) vs. Rui Botelho (124.50 lbs, 1.0160) – Kickboxing Strawweight 

Meng Bo (125.00 lbs, 1.0144) vs. Ayaka Miura (124.50 lbs, 1.0187) – MMA Strawweight

Kang Ji Won (247.00 lbs, 1.0152) vs. Ben Tynan (244.50 lbs, 1.0244) – MMA Heavyweight 

Anna Jaroonsak (115.00 lbs, 1.0136) vs. Cristina Morales (114.00 lbs, 1.0207) – Kickboxing Atomweight

Jeremy Miado (123.00 lbs, 1.0091) vs. Lito Adiwang (124.75 lbs, 1.0248) – MMA Strawweight

Hydration values less than or equal to 1.0250 earn a passing mark, while values greater than or equal to 1.0251 earn a failing mark. Athletes who failed weight and hydration tests on Day 1 or Day 2 are given another chance to clear tests on the morning of the event.