RISE 163 Results: Kan Nakamura Rebounds with a Knockout Victory Over Sumiya Ito

Dec 12, 2022
Kan Nakamura on the attack. Photo: RISE
RISE 163 took place on December 10 at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

In the main event, Kan Nakamura took on Sumiya Ito. Nakamura who was on the receiving end of a stoppage against RISE Super Featherweight champion Chan Hyung Lee in his last fight, was looking to bounce back with a win. Trying to learn from his past mistake, he tried pacing himself better - to the point where he seemed timid in the first round. However, it didn't take much in the second round, as the first big combination that he connected sent Ito crashing to the ground. One well-timed left straight later, and Nakamura was awarded the knockout victory.




Kan Nakamura def. Sumiya Ito via KO at 2:22 of R2

Tsukuru Midorikawa vs. Ricardo Bravo Ends in a Draw

Jin Mandokoro def. Kodai Hirayama via Unanimous Decision

Yugo Kato def. Ryunosuke Omori via Majority Decision

Arina Kobayashi vs Koto Hiraoka via Unanimous Decision

Yutaro Asahi def. Tomohiro Kitai via Unanimous Decision

Ryoga Hirano def. Taiki Sawatani via Unanimous Decision

Daiki Toida def. Kazuhiro Matsuyama via KO at 2:37 of R1

Kanta Motoyama def. Chiharu Higuchi via Unanimous Decision


Shun Shiraishi def. Kenshin Yamamoto via KO at 2:20 of R1

Ichiyo Morimoto def. Strong Kobayashi via KO at 1:50 of R3

Tenshi Matsumoto def. Kota Arai via KO at 00:27 of R2