RISE & GLORY Close Further Ties and Announce 8-Men Featherweight Tournament in December and Unified Rankings

Jan 11, 2024
Maurice Hols, Takashi Ito & Robbie Timmers.
The two leading kickboxing promotions have big plans for 2024.

It was previously announced that 2024 would mark the introduction of eight-man one-night Grand Prix events in GLORY's Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Welterweight divisions. The promotion now announced that they will further collaborate with RISE to also bring the much-requested tournament to the stacked -65 KG division. A press conference was held earlier today in Tokyo, Japan by RISE representative Takashi Ito, GLORY matchmaker Robbie Timmers, and executive director Maurice Hols.

During the presser, the following potential participants were named:  Petchpanomrung, Chadd Collins, Kento Haraguchi, Taiju Shiratori, Abraham Vidales, and Jan Kaffa. That leaves two spots, awarded with qualifiers. With breakout star Chadd Collins beating the seemingly unbeatable king of the division Petchpanomrung, renewed attention has been cast on the division. 



In front of the assembled media.

The collaboration between the two promotions doesn't end with cross promoting events. A new ranking system will be created combining the divisions of RISE and GLORY. As well as a unified ruleset to bridge the existing differences. GLORY matchmaker Robbie Timmers stated:

"This isn't just an extension of our previous agreements; it's a groundbreaking venture. I don't think that a kickboxing organization has ever done such an effort before, instead of keeping the fighters to ourselves, we will realize the card that the fans want."

This time the focus will be on the Featherweight division, but RISE CEO Takashi Ito is also open for tournaments in other weight-classes despite there not being a lot of talent in Japan's heavier weight classes — "Maybe Kenta Nanbara can take up the challenge?!"

At this moment GLORY’s lowest men division is -65 KG, but this could change if the tournament is successful. Timmers noted: "I know that there are many fighters in Japan who are excellent in the lighter weight classes. If there's a lot of media coverage and fans are excited, GLORY may establish a class that is lighter than 65 KG, although we can't say for sure yet.''



The press conference started with the announcement of "RISE ELDORADO". RISE’s biggest card of the year, is set to be held at the Tokyo Gymnasium on Sunday, March 17. The RISE World Series event series is scheduled for July in Osaka, in September in Yokohama and Tokyo around December.