RISE ELDORADO 2024: Miguel Trindade Upsets Chadd Collins, Akihiro Kaneko and Masahiko Suzuki Put on Another "Fight of the Year" Contender

Mar 21, 2024
Miguel Trindade goes for the finish. Photo: RISE
The event provided everything from brutal stoppages to technical displays

The first major RISE event of the year, "RISE El Dorado 2024", has successfully concluded and while not quite living up to its name, has featured everything from exciting stoppages, action fights and displays of technical skill. If you were among those who weren't able to see the event live, the replays have been made available by Abema TV.



The RISE Bantamweight (-55 KG) World championship bout between champion Shiro and pound-for-pound ranked Toki Tamaru unfortunately ended in a no-contest. Following a tentative opening which saw both fighters feel each other out, the first round ended in a clash of heads which left Shiro with a broken nose. The fight was stopped on the advice of the ringside physician and will most likely be rescheduled sometime in the future.



Beyond Kickboxing's Upset and Breakthrough Fighter of the Year winner Chadd Collins was himself upset, as Miguel Trindade was able to stop the Australian fighter in the opening round of their three-round contest. The rear hand hook to the temple, followed by a lead leg high kick to the other side of Collins' head, proved to be the winning combination, as it sent "The Shark" crashing to the canvas twice. With one standing knockdown call in-between, it was enough for the Portuguese fighter to walk away with the win. Trindade has called for a fight with Kento Haraguchi and Petchpanomrung next, which should certainly prove to be just as exciting, should it take place.



Akihiro Kaneko seems allergic to having bad fights. Our 2023 "Fight of the Year" winner has put on another strong showing in his decision victory over the former RISE Bantamweight champion Masashi Suzuki, with two  scorecards of 30-25 and one scorecard of 30-26 in his favor. Kaneko twice knocked Suzuki down with clubbing right hooks to the head, once in the opening and once in the closing round. Not to say that Suzuki didn't put up a fight, but even his best effort didn't seem enough to deter Kaneko, who at the moment seems like one of the best fighters in the world and definitely the best at his weight. 




Shiro Matsumoto vs. Toki Tamaru – No Contest

Miguel Trindade def. Chadd Collins – KO in R1

Sung Hyun Lee def. Taiju Shiratori –Majority Decision

Kazuki Osaki def. Djillali Kharroubi – ISKA Flyweight Championship

Yuki Yoza def. Kan Nakamura – KO in R3

Akihiro Kaneko def. Masahiko Suzuki – Unanimous Decision

Ryu Hanaoka def. Koji Ikeda  – Unanimous Decision

Hyu Iwata def. Ryuka – Unanimous Decision

Koya Saito def. Yuki Tanaka – KO at 1:19 of R2

Ryunosuke Omori def. Koyata Yamada – KO at 2:16 of R1

Ryujin Nasukawa def. Tenshi Matsumoto – Unanimous Decision

Jaroensuk def. Yugo Kato – Unanimous Decision

Yura def. Kenta – Unanimous Decision

Matsushita Musashi def. Tatsuya Ito – Extra Round Decision

Koki Osaki vs. Norio Yokoyama – Exhibition Match


Taku def. Yuta Take – KO at 2:10 of R1

Yun Tojima def. Saya Tsukamoto – Majority Decision

Fuga Tokoro def. Shoma Okumura – Majority Decision