RISE Revises Weigh-in Rules: Failure to Make Weight Could Lead to Disqualification or No Contest

Jun 09, 2023
The promotion will take a harder stance than most on overweight fighters.

Official weigh-ins were held earlier today for the inaugural 'RISE Fight Party' event, which will combine fights with fan events, with certain fighters entertaining the crowd through their in-ring performance and others through interaction with the crowd in attendance.

One of the fighters scheduled to compete, Tomomi 'Cobra' Yamamoto, was the sole fighter to come in overweight. While the bout was contracted to take place at 52 KG, Yamamoto initially weighed in at 53.30 KG and later at 53.15 KG. This was apparently the last straw for RISE – the promotion was prompted to change their rules in response to this.



If a fighter fails to make weight they will be given a second opportunity in two hours after the initial weigh-in and a third opportunity after another two hours. Only if the fighter who passed the weigh-in wins, the result will go to the fighter's official record, otherwise the result will be a no-contest.

If they're above the limit by 2 KG on their first attempt they will be disqualified and the bout will be ruled a no-contest. 

Should they pass on the third attempt they will enter the fight with a one point deduction and will be fined a portion of their purse. 

If they failed to make weight on the third attempt, they will be given a two point deduction, and will be fined a portion of their purse. Additionally, if their opponent so chooses, they will fight in 10 ounce gloves instead of the usual 8 ounce gloves. 

This isn't quite the end of it however. A fourth weigh-in will be carried out three hours before the event is scheduled to take place. If the fighter isn't within 5% of the contracted weight, the bout will also be declared a no-contest.