RISE WORLD SERIES 2023 1ST Round Weigh-in Results: Prelim Fighter Misses by Over 3.5 KG, All Other Athletes on Weight

Jul 01, 2023
Kento Haraguchi & Anvar Boynazarov on weight. Photo: RISE
The official weigh-ins for the RISE WORLD SERIES 2023 1st Round took place today.

31 of the 32 contracted fighters made weight, and the event will proceed tomorrow as planned with 16 bouts.  

Headlining the RISE WORLD SERIES 2023 1st Round will be a superfight between Kento Haraguchi and GLORY veteran Anvar Boynazarov . Both fighters share their last loss, GLORY Featherweight champion Petchpanomrung. The big difference here is that Boynazarov has been focusing on his MMA career as of late, and hasn't been in the kickboxing ring since 2019. Both fighters easily made weight.

The centerpiece of the fight card will be the first round of the 54 KG Grand Prix featuring Shiro, Ruben Seoane, Kazuki Osaki, Aiman Lahmar, Toki Tamaru, Petchsila, Kumandoi, and Mohamed Kloua. All tournament fighters were within the weight limit.

The only fighter to miss weight was Runa Kawano, who came in over 3.7 KG on her first attempt and over 3.5 KG on her second attempt. According to the newly revised RISE weigh-in rules she will be disqualified. Seina will step in as a late-replacement and will fight Hotaru in an exhibition bout instead.

The event will stream live on ABEMA in Japan at 1:00 PM JST. The stream won't be region-blocked and can be watched globally for free. Tickets are available at

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Kento Haraguchi (64.90 KG) vs. Anvar Boynazarov (64.20 KG) – Super Lightweight

Shiro (53.90 KG) vs. Ruben Seoane (54.00 KG) – 54 KG Tournament Quarter Final

Kazuki Osaki (54.00 KG) vs. Aiman Lahmar (53.10 KG) – 54 KG Tournament Quarter Final

Toki Tamaru (53.95 KG) vs. Petchsila (53.65 KG) – 54 KG Tournament Quarter Final

Kumandoi (53.85 KG) vs. Mohamed Kloua (53.65 KG) – 54 KG Tournament Quarter Final

Chan Hyung Lee (53.95 KG) vs. Yuma Yamaguchi (53.90 KG) – OFG Catchweight

Kazane (53.95 KG) vs. Jin Mandokoro (53.90 KG) – 54 KG Tournament Reserve Fight

Ryota Nakano (67.45 KG) vs. Lee Sunghyun (67.30 KG) – Welterweight

Keisuke Monguchi (57.40 KG) vs. Kyo Kawakami (57.40 KG) – Featherweight 

Yuya (69.95 KG) vs. Shoma (69.50 KG) – Middleweight

Ryuki (61.80 KG) vs. Hamza Hazzar (61.70 KG) – Catchweight

Riku Kazushima (52.80 KG) vs. Hiroki Matsuoka (52.90 KG) – Super Flyweight

Momu Tsukomoto (52.95 KG) vs. Toshihiro Yamakawa (52.90 KG) – Super Flyweight

Yuki Kyotani (54.90 KG) vs. Shoma (55.00 KG) – Bantamweight


Shota (64.70 KG) vs. Keyaki Yamamoto (64.75 kg) – Super Lightweight

Hotaru (52.80 KG) vs. Seina (-) – Catchweight Exhibition

Hotaru (52.80 KG) vs. Runa Kawano (56.70 kg) – Canceled