Shiro Versus Toki Tamaru for the RISE World Bantamweight Championship Official For March 17

Jan 20, 2024
Shiro & Toki Tamaru. Photo: Chiyo Yamamoto
Shiro will make his first title defense against the pound-for-pound ranked Toki Tamaru.

Two of the world's best will face off in the first major RISE event of the year at 'RISE El Dorado 2024' on March 17, as RISE World Bantamweight (-55 KG) champion Shiro will attempt to make his first title defense against challenger Toki Tamaru.


Toki Tamaru, a pound-for-pound ranked kickboxer featured in two of our divisional rankings, will try to add another piece of silverware to his already quite stacked cabinet. The 21-year-old overcame two elite Thai fighters and a pair of top-ranked kickboxers last year to capture the 2023 RISE -54 KG World Series title, which earned him his third RISE belt, having already captured the RISE Flyweight (-51.5 KG) and Super Flyweight (-53 KG) championships.

Opposite him will be a well-known name to longtime fans of the Japanese kickboxing scene. Although he failed to progress past the semifinals of the aforementioned World Series, Shiro nonetheless beat Koki Osaki, Masahiko Suzuki and Diesellek Wor.Wanchai over the past year, which established him as the preeminent Bantamweight in the promotion. The 71-fight veteran will try to keep that distinction against a surging contender and perhaps pursue a rematch with Kumandoi and Masashi Kumura in the future, losses he's wanted to avenge ever since they happened.

Four other fights were announced at the same press conference. Two prospects contents, as Tenshi Matsumoto takes on Ryujin Nasukawa at the Flyweight limit (-51.5 KG), while Shoa Arii will tests his mettle against promotional newcomer Musashi Matsushita at the Bantamweight (-55 KG) limit. Yugo Kato will face Jaroensuk BoonlannaMuaythai, in a stay-busy fight while waiting for a Bantamweight title shot.