Superbon vs. Allazov - STAFF PREDICTIONS

Jan 11, 2023
Photo: ONE Championship
Only two weeks into the new year, we already got the most important fight of 2023 on our hands.

Superbon Singha Mawynn will defend his ONE Featherweight Kickboxing title against Featherweight Grand Prix winner Chingiz Allazov. At last, the mega-fight fight, which was originally scheduled for October 1 of last year, is within fight week reach and some of our staff members took the opportunity to break down the clash between the two kickboxing superstars.


Superbon Singha Mawynn and Chingiz Allazov are set to face off in the co-main of the ONE on Prime Video 6. This fight is between two kickboxers, who are considered by some to be the two best pound-for-pound currently. Superbon is on a historically dominant 12-fight win streak, with his last loss being to Marat Grigorian in 2018. Most notably, Superbon has since gone on to avenge his loss to Marat Grigorian, winning a wide decision against the Armenian. Superbon also won an upset victory over a fighter many consider to be the best kickboxer of all time, Giorgio Petrosyan, by a high kick knockout in the second round. Prior to that fight, Superbon won a unanimous decision over Sittichai in a back-and-forth kicking match. Superbon has shown significantly improved boxing since getting knocked out against Marat in 2018. Superbon’s varied kick gaming from both legs and his jab would be essential in determining how the fight goes against Chingiz. This historic streak gives the impression that Superbon is entering his prime right now and shows that Superbon is the pound-for-pound best kickboxer in the sport right now.

However, this is not to say that Chingiz Allazov is not an impressive fighter in his own right. Known as a crafty combination striker with an unorthodox, Allazov's stance switching and movement could very well give Superbon a lot of trouble. Chingiz showed an effective use of his length, movement, and combination striking in his fight against Sittichai, resulting in a hard-fought decision win against the southpaw kicker. Perhaps showing that Allazov could very well be entering his prime as well. However, it was also not that long ago that Chingiz lost to Enriko Kehl, where Chingiz seemed to have trouble dealing with the punching volume and forward pressure of the southpaw Kehl.

I believe that Superbon will come out the victor over a hard-fought decision, but that will depend on whether or not Allazov can get past Superbon's kicking weapons and use his combination work to score points or knockout Superbon.



A hard fight to predict! Chingiz Allazov's performance against Sitthichai might have been the most impressive performance of 2022. Just a few fighters had glimpses of success against the Thai, but nobody has ever countered him as effectively throughout the fight as Allazov. Especially his work to the body can't be an underestimated factor. Superbon, however, is a much more versatile and dynamic fighter than Sitthichai. His varied kicking game completely shut down Marat Grigorian in his last fight, and one could assume that the same fate awaits Allazov. I don't think he'll look to work his combinations game but rather his signature angles, countering Superbon's kicks while keeping up the pressure. The biggest unknown is Chingiz Allazov's cardio over five rounds. As opposed to the more relaxed Superbon, he's always moving, he's always feinting, looking for openings. 

Nonetheless, I think he's in the best shape of his life right now and has what it takes to outwork Superbon. If he's not able to do it, no one is. I think we'll see a new champion this weekend. Chingiz Allazov by decision.



The main question in this match-up is how Allazov deals with Superbon's kicking game. Chinga has to date had four fights inside the ONE circle, although two of them - Nattawut and Sana, ended too quickly for us to see how he'd deal with their kicks, which leaves us with his fights against Enriko Kehl and Sitthichai to see how he responds to dedicated kicking games.

Against Kehl, 'Chinga' had no other response but to take the damage and attempt to answer with his own combinations, which left the right side of his body bruised as early as the end of the first round. He did better in his Grand Prix final bout against Sitthichai, as he would often counter kicks with punches, whether to the body or upstairs. Sitthichai was still able to land a number of kicks however, and Allazov seemed visibly fatigued by the end of the three-round affair. All of this seems to favor Superbon, as he is a better kicker than both Kehl and Sitthichai and he'll have five rounds to work his magic.

Superbon by unanimous decision, in another backfoot masterclass.