After Minoru Kimura's Steroid Confession – Last Three Knockout Wins Overturned Into No-Contests

Sep 06, 2023
Minoru Kimura before his fight against Kuntap. Photo: KNOCK OUT
When keeping it real goes wrong.

In what can only be considered an unprecedented case of self-sabotage, Minoru Kimura's last three knockout wins have been turned into no-contests. Following his positive test at RIZIN 43, the fighter confessed to also having used steroids in his two fights prior to that. KNOCK OUT and Ganryujima have now come out to declare that Kimura's latest wins for them are invalid. 

It's important to note, that Kimura was the one requesting to be drug-tested, and that those results would be publically announced. Nevertheless, the former K-1 Super Welterweight champion insists on the fact that he was clean during his over a decade-long K-1 career and that he only started using performance-enhancing drugs when he had to wait out his remaining contract.



The mixed-rules fight of Kimura Minoru against popular RIZIN MMA fighter Yusuke Yachi was held at 'INOKI BOM-BA-YE x Ganryujima' at the Ryogoku Kokugikan on December 28 of last year. The former K-1 champion won the bout not even a minute into the opening round, landing a vicious left hook, knocking Yusuke Yachi out cold.

Ganryujima clarified that they carry out random drug tests that are conducted by a domestic medical institution. Penalties are given out for positive tests, but Minoru Kimura tested negative on fight night. The promotion admitted due to RIZIN's use of US Athletic Commission-level doping tests, that they are more likely to detect anabolic steroids. 

"Strictly speaking, no positive tests came out at the December 28 event, so there was no violation of the regulations, but we take the fact that Minoru Kimura himself confessed at the press conference serious, so we are pleased to announce a no-contest. After it was announced that the doping test after his [RIZIN 43 fight] was 'positive', the executive committee discussed it again, and as a result, it was decided that the match on December 28 last year would be a 'No Contest = Invalid Match'."



Kuntap Charoenchai against Kimura Minoru went down at 'KNOCK OUT 2023 SUPER BOUT BLAZE' at the National Yoyogi Stadium on March 5. 

To add insult to injury, Minoru Kimura badly missed weight for this bout. 

He came in 1.75 KG over the weight limit of 72 KG. As usual in Japan, the bout went ahead with strict penalties. He was deducted two points, fined 20% of his purse, and he had to wear 10-ounce instead of 8-ounce gloves. Unfortunately for Kuntap, that all didn't matter, as he was knocked out only 32 seconds into the opening round.

Following RIZIN's press conference, KNOCK OUT published a press release, announcing:

"In response to [Kimura's confession], and as a result of discussions within the KNOCK OUT management, we hereby inform Kuntap and Minoru Kimura, that both players official record for March 5th has been changed to 'No Contest = Invalid Match'."