Buakaw Banchamek Knocks Out Minoru Kimura in Round Two, Admits “They Were Heaviest Punches I Had Been Hit With in My Career”

Mar 23, 2024
Buakaw and a hurt Minoru Kimura. Photo: RIZIN FF
The K-1 veteran showed that he can still hang against dangerous opponents.

Buakaw Banchamek's clash with Minoru Kimura earlier today at RIZIN Landmark 9 at the World Memorial Hall, was as frantic as fans expected it to be. Kimura came out swinging, throwing heavy leather and testing the chin of the 41-year-old Thai legend. Buakaw showcased why he hasn't tasted the canvas in over 16 years, even after taking several flush shots to his chin. 


The momentum started to swing in the second round as Buakaw kept finding his target with low kicks repeatedly. Stopping Kimura's offense in its tracks, Buakaw closed the distance, hurting Kimura with several knees. Pressed against the fence, the injured Kimura had no answer for Buakaw's textbook 1-2, which split his guard and rendered him unconscious.

Despite winning, Buakaw was impressed with Kimura's infamous punching power.

"Who said this would be easy? Look at the first round. I admit that I almost didn't make it past the first round. If it were another fighter, they would already get knocked out. Those punches were very heavy. I will tell you that they were the heaviest punches I had been hit with in my career."

After the fight, Rukiya Anpo entered the ring, ridiculing Minoru Kimura, and calling for a second fight against Buakaw, following their draw in May of last year. "Even if you're juiced up, you can't beat Buakaw? What the hell is that?! Buakaw, you want to do it again?"