No Knockout Allowed – Yoshihiro Sato Reveals He Has Received “Damages for Breach of Contract” for Buakaw Exhibition

Nov 09, 2022
Buakaw's left hook against Yoshihiro Sato. Photo: Rajadamnern World Series
The former K-1 MAX Champion Buakaw wasn't playing by the rules.

Retired kickboxer Yoshihiro Sato revealed that there was a breach of contract for his exhibition bout with Buakaw Banchamek on October 28 as part of the 'Legend of Rajadamnern' event series.

Sato, who was knocked out brutally by Buakaw, explained on Twitter that he had "signed the contract after explaining to the promoters repeatedly that he had retired seven years ago due to head trauma" and that he felt anxious but "got into the ring after multiple confirmations" and had "believed in Buakaw until knocked out".

On 4 November, Sato confirmed that the promoters had apologized to him and he had received compensation.  

"…The promoters gave me their apologies for violating the contract and also made a proposal for damages for breach of contract which I accepted. The promoters also apologized immediately following the fight and even came to visit at the emergency department. It was a sincere response. Thank you very much."