ONE 163 Weigh-in Results: Three Fighters Fail Weight & Hydration, Akimoto and Petchtanong Both Pass on First Attempt

Nov 18, 2022
First title defense for Hiroki Akimoto as he takes on Petchtanong. Photo: ONE Championship
Today, ONE Championship released the ONE 163: Akimoto vs. Petchtanong Final Weight and Hydration Results.

Hiroki Akimoto will make his first ONE Bantamweight title defense against the 414-fight veteran Petchtanong in the headlining bout. Both fighters easily passed both weight and hydration on their first attempt.

Plus, giants collide for the ONE Heavyweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Championship, as reigning ONE Light Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion Roman Kryklia takes on Iranian star Iraj Azizpour in a highly anticipated trilogy bout. Both fighters pass as well.

Yuya Wakamatsu failed weight and hydration, and as a result, will forfeit 40% of his purse to Woo Sung Hoon. The bout will now be at a catchweight of 139 lbs.

Asahi Shinagawa failed weight and hydration, and as a result, will forfeit 20% of his purse to Rui Botelho. The bout will now be at a catchweight of 126 lbs.

The bout between Ham Seo Hee and Itsuki Hirata is off. Hirata failed weight and hydration, and Ham did not agree to compete.




Hiroki Akimoto (144.25, 1.0009) vs. Petchtanong (144.75, 1.0203) - Bantamweight Title

Roman Kryklia (229.25, 1.0233) vs. Iraj Azizpour (256.00, 1.0191) - Heavyweight 

Shinya Aoki (164.75, 1.0023) vs. Saygid Izagakhmaev (169.00, 1.0112) - Lightweight 

Yushin Okami (203.75, 1.0014) vs. Aung La N Sang (203.50, 1.0023) - Middleweight 

Yuya Wakamatsu (139.00, 1.0023) vs. Woo Sung Hoon (134.25, 1.0074) - Catchweight 

Kwon Won Il (144.00, 1.0061) vs. Mark Abelardo (144.75, 1.0036) - Bantamweight 


Bruno Chaves (257.75, 1.0036) vs. Ahmed Krnjic (250.50, 1.0244) - Heavyweight 

Ahmed Mujtaba (168.75, 1.0009) vs. Abraao Amorim (170.00, 1.0244) - Lightweight 

Asahi Shinagawa (126.00, 1.0218) vs. Rui Botelho (124.25, 1.0044) - Catchweight

Milena Sakumoto (116.50, 1.0120) vs. Bianca Basilio (125.00, 1.0207) - Strawweight 

Kirill Gorobets (154.00, 1.0087) vs. Bruno Pucci (154.50, 1.0222) - Featherweight 

Hydration values less than or equal to 1.0250 earn a passing mark, while values greater than or equal to 1.0251 earn a failing mark. Athletes who failed weight and hydration tests on Day 1 or Day 2 are given another chance to clear tests on the morning of the event.