ONE 167: Rodtang Misses Weight and Hydration, Gives Up 25% of His Purse to Denis Puric – “That’s Their Superstar, Bro. It’s Not Professional”

Jun 07, 2024
Rodtang & Denis Puric. Photo: ONE Championship
The Ironman had trouble being on weight again, this time for his return to kickboxing.

The ONE 167 weigh-ins did not proceed as smoothly as people had hoped. Despite the main event title fight between Tawanchai and Jo Nattawut remaining on schedule, the promotion's golden boy, Rodtang, failed to hit the mark once again. He came in last at the public weigh-ins and stepped on the scales at over 3.5 pounds above the Flyweight (135 pounds) limit, while also missing hydration.

Visibly frustrated, Rodtang stepped backstage again and came back two hours after the official testing window to narrowly pass the hydration test – 6.25 pounds above the Flyweight limit. He will have to give up 25% of his purse to his opponent, Denis Puric, who had no trouble hitting the hydration and weight requirements. In an interview with Sportskeeda's Nicolas Atkin, Puric said, "I really don't know what to say. I want to be humble and just say nothing. But come on man. Hydration and weight. That's their superstar bro. It's not professional."

Pullouts aside, this marks the third time Rodtang missed weight during his ONE tenure. Whether it's his lack of motivation or other external reasons, "The Tank" will need to make adjustments if he doesn't want his upcoming fight against Takeru to end in more drama.

Both Liam Harrison and his opponent Katsuki Kitano missed weight, and could not come to an agreement. Therefore, their fight will not go ahead. Harrison talked about his reasoning on social media, stating that an official ONE representative told him he's on weight, which he then didn't end up being. 


ONE 167


(c) Tawanchai (155.00 lbs, 1.0040) vs. Jo Nattawut (152.25 lbs, 1.0087) – Featherweight Muay Thai

Rodtang (141.25 lbs, 1.0244) vs. Denis Puric (134.75 lbs, 1.0241) – Catchweight Kickboxing

Mikey Musumeci (144.00 lbs, 1.0099) vs. Gabriel Sousa (144.50 lbs, 1.0074) – Bantamweight Grappling

Kade Ruotolo (169.25 lbs, 1.0095) vs. Blake Cooper (165.25 lbs, 1.0036) – Lightweight MMA

Sitthichai (152.75 lbs, 1.0120) vs. Masaaki Noiri (153.75 lbs, 1.0091) – Featherweight Kickboxing

Denice Zamboanga (114.00 lbs, 1.0091) vs. Noelle Grandjean (114.50 lbs, 1.0152) – Atomweight MMA

Adrian Lee (167.50 lbs, 1.0018) vs. Antonio Mammarella (168.25 lbs, 1.0061) – Lightweight MMA

Johan Ghazali (133.50 lbs, 1.0031) vs. Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat (134.75 lbs, 1.0099) – Flyweight Muay Thai

Itsuki Hirata (114.25 lbs, 1.0128) vs. Victoria Souza (114.25 lbs, 1.0241) – Atomweight MMA

Johan Estupinan (144.00 lbs, 1.0014) vs. Zafer Sayik (145.00 lbs, 1.0172) – Bantamweight Muay Thai