Kickboxing Rankings January 2024 — Chadd Collins Upsets Petchpanomrung to Win RISE Super Lightweight Title

Dec 30, 2023
Fighter of the Month – Chadd Collins. Photo: RISE
We take a look at all the top fighters that were in action during the last month.

As kickboxing continues to grow on a global scale with promotions like GLORY, K-1, ONE Championship, and more, fighters are constantly jockeying for position in the media's eyes, and rankings. Every month, the Beyond Kickboxing board will compile kickboxing rankings for each weight class from Heavyweight to Flyweight, as well as the pound-for-pound rankings for both men and women. 

No fighter in the top 10 at HEAVYWEIGHT (+95 KG) and WOMEN'S OPENWEIGHT (+59 KG) has been active this month.




Chadd Collins lands a right hand. Photo: RISE

Chadd Collins (NR to 9) makes his first entry to the pound-for-pound rankings. The Australian Nak Muay had a stellar year, winning both Muay Thai and kickboxing world titles. He defeated Thai mainstay Petchpanomrung (4 to 8) over five rounds to win the RISE Super Lightweight title. An impressive performance, where he had to dig deep to edge out the final round. Our panel agrees – despite the loss, Petchpanomrung has ruled over the division in the last six years and has a more impressive resume as of now.

Toki Tamaru (8 to 4) defeated Kumandoi via unanimous decision to claim the RISE 54 KG Grand Prix belt. One of the most outstanding feats of the year, Toki Tamaru has beat top-contenders, a fellow pound-for-pound level fighter, and three stadium Thais to establish himself among the best in the sport.

Kazuki Osaki (6) defeated Jaroensuk in a close split decsion. The Japanese fighter had trouble with the pressure of Jaroensuk and won a controversial decision after an extra-round.

Superbon (2) lost to Tawanchai for the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai title. As the fight was contested under Muay Thai rules, it doesn't affect our rankings.




Thian de Vries (8) knocked out Vasilei Amaritei for the second time this year on Colosseum Tournament.




Mohamed Touchassie lands a high kick. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing

Mohamed Touchassie (8) made his way back to his home at Middleweight and sent Brice Kombou to the ground three times to force the stoppage less than two minutes into their fight.




Endy Semeleer goes for the finish. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing

Endy Semeleer (1) knocked out House of Glory winner Anwar Ouled-Chaib in the first round

Dmitry Menshikov (4) knocked out Mouhcine Chafi under Muay Thai rules on ONE Championship. This doesn’t affect his ranking.

Jamie Bates (8 to NR) falls out of the rankings due to a lack of recent results as he is winless in a year and hasn't beaten a ranked opponent in four. 

Constantin Rusu (9 to NR) lost by unanimous decision to Eduard Saik for the vacant RCC welterweight title. He falls out of the rankings in favour of Teodor Hristov (NR to 10) who dominated former GLORY champion Murthel Groenhart over three rounds for a unanimous decision victory.

Diaguely Camara (NR to 9) returns.



Tawanchai lands a left hand. Photo: ONE Championship

Superbon (2) lost by unanimous decision to Tawanchai (7) under Muay Thai rules. This doesn't affect their standing in the rankings.

Kaito (8) stopped previously undefeated James Condé with body attacks in the first round.

Hiromi Wajima (10 to NR) lost by knockout in the second round to Ouyang Feng (NR to 10) for the K-1 Super Welterweight title. Wajima had the upper hand and hurt Feng, but the Chinese fighter turned the tide to land a devestating counter left hook. Ouyang, who already holds the Wu Lin Feng title, pushes Wajima out of the rankings.




Kento Haraguchi lands a high kick. Photo: RISE

Petchpanomrung (1 to 2) lost by unanimous decision to Chadd Collins (NR to 1) for the RISE 65 KG title. This is the first defeat at the weight for Petchpanomrung in six years.

Kento Haraguchi (4 to 3) knocked out Abraham Vidales (10 to NR) in round two of their fight on RISE. Haraguchi looked the more explosive and fast fighter of the two and landed at will. With Vidales being the top-contender in GLORY, this puts their standing in an interesting situation.



Kan Nakamura after stopping Ahmed Akoudad. Photo: RISE

Chadd Collins (6 to NR) is removed from the rankings as he is ranked a weight above and hasn’t competed at 64 KG in kickboxing rules in over a year.

Yuto Shinohara (8 to 10) was knocked out in the first round by Tatsuya Oiwa (NR to 9).

Kan Nakamura (10 to 8) knocked out Ahmed Akoudad with an overhand left in the second round on RISE. One of the most brutal knockouts of the year.

Jin Ying (5) defeated Nik Karchenlianl by unanimous decision on Wu Lin Feng.



Rémi Parra victorious. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Leona Pettas (2 to 3) lost by majority decision to Rémi Parra (10 to 2) in a non-title fight on K-1. The champion couldn't deal with the unusual rhythm and pressure of his French opponent. 

Hyuma (6 to 7) knocked out Katsuji in the second round with punches on RISE.

Huang Shuailu (9 to 10) defeated Javad Mohammad by decision on Wu Lin Feng.



Kyo Kawakami pulls off the upset. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Toma Tanabe (3 to 6) lost by unanimous decision to Kyo Kawakami (10➡3) after suffering a knockdown.

Tatsuya Tsubakihara (7 to 8) defeated Kensuke by unanimous decision

Shoki Kaneda (6 to 7) stopped Dausayam in the first round with punches.



Akihiro Kaneko conntects with a kick. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Akihiro Kaneko (1) defeated  Lan Shanteng by unanimous decision on K-1.

Shiro (4 to 5) knocked out Boonlong Petchyindee in the first round on RISE.

Toki Tamaru (8 to 3) defeated Kumandoi (3 to 4) by unanimous decision after scoring a knockdown to win the 2023 RISE 54 KG World Series.

Masahiko Suzuki (5 to 7) lost to Koki Osaki (5) by unanimous decision for the RISE 55 KG title. After a fierce back-and-forth battle, Koki joins his older brother as a RISE champion.

Yugo Kato (10) defeated Shoa Arii by majority decision.



Toma Kuroda defends his title. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Toma Kuroda (3) defeated Issei Ishii (5) by unanimous decision to make his first successful K-1 Bantamweight title defense.

Kazuki Osaki (1) defeated Jaroensuk by extension round split decision in a 54 KG catchweight bout.

Koji Ikeda (7 to 6) defeated Musashi Matsushita by majority decision in a 54 KG catchweight. He moves up one spot as Yodsila (6 to 7) moves down one for inactivity under kickboxing rules.

Ryuki Matsuda (9) stopped Ritikrai Kaewsamrit with body punches in the first round.



Phetjeeja leaps into the rankings. Photo: ONE Championship

Phetjeeja (NR to 2) defeated Anissa Meksen (NR to 6) by unanimous decision for the interim ONE Championship title. The Thai fighter showed off her slick boxing, outscoring the long-time pound-for-pound queen, who herself made the return to kickboxing after more than one and a half years.

Kana (3 to 7) lost by unanimous decision to Antonia Prifti (NR to 5) for the K-1 Flyweight title. Prifti, who usually fights at a higher weight, looked the physically stronger and technically more sound fighter.

Koyuki Miyazaki (4) defeated Mongkutpetch by unanimous decision.

Debora Evora (10 to NR) lost by unanimous decision to Nina van Dalum and leaves the rankings.




Nina van Dalum lands a middle kick. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing

Debora Evora (5 to 6) lost by unanimous decision to Nina van Dalum (6 to 5).

Chellina Chirino (9) lost by decision to Yuly Alves under Muay Thai rules. This doesn’t affect the rankings.




Antonia Prifti lands an overhand right. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Phetjeeja (NR to 1) defeated Anissa Meksen (NR to 3) by unanimous decision for the interim ONE Championship title.

Kana (1 to 4) lost by unanimous decision to Antonia Prifti (NR to 2) for the K-1 Flyweight title. 

Tessa de Kom (2 to 5) lost by unanimous decision to Seina in a 54 KG catchweight bout. This doesn't affect her ranking at Flyweight.

SAHO (8 to 10) defeated Li Lishan by unanimous decision. She goes up as Cahfia Djouahra (6 to NR) leaves the rankings after a full year of inactivity.

Giuliana Cosnard (10 to NR) is pushed out of the rankings.

Supergirl (8 to NR) out of the rankings.




Panchan gets another stoppage. Photo: AndStill

Panchan (7) knocked out Kaitlyn Vance in the third round with a right cross.




Miyuu lands a left hook. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Koyuki Miyazaki (1) defeated Mongkutpetch by unanimous decision.

Miyuu Sugawara (2) outscored Lucille Deadman to win by unanimous decision. Especially the push kicks and straight punches of the reigning champion troubled Deadman on her way in.