Anissa Meksen Vents Problems With ONE Championship "I Have Been Unhappy Since My Signing. Three Years of Disrespect. I Cried a Lot Because of Them Because Boxing Is Much More Than a Passion, It’s My Life."

Feb 15, 2023
Anissa Meksen with a left hook. Photo: ONE Championship
The former world kickboxing champion is fed up with how the promotion treats her.

Former GLORY champion Anissa Meksen has taken it to social media to explain the bizarre situation of her no-showing in her last-booked fight against Stamp Fairtex. It's no secret to fans of the pound-for-pound talent that the fighter feels treated unjust, and has been vocal about it since signing with the promotion in 2020. 

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that her path to the title will be a short one with the credentials she accumulated over her lengthy professional career. In spite of that, others seemed to skip the line such as promotional newcomer Lara Fernandez, who got her shot at gold right off the bat. 



Additionally, Atomweight Kickboxing and interim Atomweight Muay Thai champion Janet Todd has, for one reason or another, been increasingly inactive over the last three years. Especially the kickboxing division has greatly suffered under it. Since winning the kickboxing belt against Stamp Fairtex in 2020, she hasn't defended the belt once. 

The American fighter has never had the greatest social media presence, so it's unknown whether she has been plagued with injuries or if there have been other complications that prevented her from competing. 

With the now-canceled interim kickboxing title fight between Anissa Meksen and Stamp, the division is once again in limbo. Stamp has instead decided to rather focus on her MMA career and take on Alyse Anderson on May 5 at ONE Fight Night 10.

Reigning Atomweight Muay Thai champion Allycia Rodrigues has been out of the spotlight since winning the belt in 2020 and announcing her pregnancy right after. After a positive COVID-19 test in November of last year, Todd and Rodrigues are finally scheduled to unify their titles on March 25.

With Meksen out of the equation, it's unclear if that will be the last we've seen of her in ONE Championship, or if the promotion will make amends to calm the situation. 



"Following my post, I would like to share with you the second reason for the cancellation of my fight against Stamp.

I wanted to keep all of the for myself to avoid the drama and get a title shot on February 25th, but it will never happen and I have to accept it.

As usual, I was in great shape for this fight and obviously on weight just like I always have been for each of my fights. 

On Wednesday morning, the day before the weigh-in, I learned from an interview that it was a no-contest fight which means without a KO or choke, no decision could've been taken. 

I was shocked. My contract was clear: a check for the fight, a check for the victory, and a check for a possible KO. 

So the ONE made a huge mistake in the contract and in their communication, I would never have agreed to fight without a decision! 

If I wanted to make a career in a circus I would've done so a while ago. We tried to work out an arrangement with the matchmakers so the fight could go ahead, but once again they looked down on us, disrespected us, and didn't want to make any compromise. We were told nonsense like: how do you want us to determine a winner?

Anyway, Anissa is coming to win by KO? Etc …  Since the situation has been blocked for a while and given the lack of respect with which the ONE has treated me, I simply decided to leave. 

Three years of disrespect, this was the last straw. 

To my surprise, Chatri called us, apologized on behalf of his team. For the first time in 3 years I could finally tell him my feelings: 3 years for 3 fights on lead cards with fights without real interest for me, 3 years I've been waiting for a belt, 3 years that my status of world champion is not respected! 

He listened to me and told me he would make me fight more frequently and FINALLY an opportunity for the title on February 25 that he announced a few hours later in a press conference! 

He knew was aware of the situation but preferred to announce that I was "unwell" to clear his name and not take responsibility for my absence at the conference.

The day after Chatri told us that Stamp didn't want to fight me anymore, so we proposed him to take anyone in Atomweight or Strawweight so that he could keep his word and finally offer me a chance for the title I've been coveting for 3 years! But today, no answer. I have 125 fights for 120 victories, 35 by KO, I have 3 victories at ONE, who can claim this belt more than me? 

I love what I do, I am a real enthusiast and I have always given everything for my sport and my performance. 

But today I can't claim that I am a professional boxer, I can't claim that my status is respected! 

I have been unhappy since my signing. 

I cried a lot because of them because boxing is much more than a passion, it's my life. I have been more than patient but when respect is not at the table we have to leave it!"