K-1 ReBIRTH Weigh-In Results: All Fighters Make Weight, Massive Differences Between Openweight Tournament Participants

Sep 09, 2023
Kaneko Akihiro & Masashi Kumura in great shape. Photo: K-1 Japan Group
The 24 competitors fighting across 15 bouts tomorrow have successfully passed the scales.

The eight participants of the K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix, co-main eventers Akihiro Kaneko and Masashi Kumura, as well as the remaining twelve kickboxers all managed to make weight on their first attempts, setting the stage for K-1's first event since their re-branding.

The most noticeable differences in weight were between several open-weight tournament contenders: one of the tournament favorites, Mahmoud Sattari, weighed in at just 84.7 KG, which is 10.4 KG (22.3 lbs) behind the next lightest fighter, fellow Iranian Sina Karimian. Sattari, Karimian, and Liu Ce all came in under the 100 KG mark, while Michał Turyński weighed in the heaviest at 115.35 KG.

The event was supposed to be broadcast by either DAZN or FITE TV, but was pulled from both platforms today. There's no information yet on what the broadcast situation will be for international viewers, but we'll keep you updated.



(C) Akihiro Kaneko (54.95 KG) vs. Masashi Kumura (54.95 KG) – K-1 Super Bantamweight Championship 

K-Jee (92.05 KG) vs. Mikio Ueda (111.15 KG) – K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix Reserve 

(C) Taito Gunji (57.45 KG) vs. Angelos Martinos (57.15 KG) – Featherweight Non-Title 

Yuki Egawa (60.0 KG) vs. Tomoya Yokoyama (59.95 KG) –  Super Featherweight

Valentin Bordianu (112.65 KG) vs. Liu Ce (99.25 KG) - K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Michał Turyński (115.35 KG) vs. Ariel Machado (104.5 KG) - K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Sina Karimian (95.1 KG) vs. Kerim Jemai (106.35 KG) - K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Mahmoud Sattari (84.7 KG) vs. Claudiu Istrate (108.6 KG) - K-1 World Openweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

(C) Miyuu Sugawara (44.85 KG) vs. Maria Nella (44.95 KG) – Women's Atomweight Non-Title 

Yuzuki Satomi (62.45 KG) vs. Kento Ito (62.5 KG) – Lightweight

Koji Ikeda (53.0 KG) vs. Shinta (52.9 KG) – Bantamweight

Hayato Suzuki (64.95 KG) vs. Mohamed Islam (64.75 KG) – Super Lightweight