"Superlek Is the Most Suitable and Deserving Because He Beat Rodtang" – Manager All But Confirms Rodtang's Injury

Dec 30, 2023
It looks like the worst-case scenario has occured.

The rumors have been making the rounds for weeks, but now we have all the more reason to be worried about ONE's return to Japan. Jitmuangnon owner and Rodtang's manager Sor Eh has heavily implied on social media that Rodtang is out of his mega-fight against Takeru at ONE 165 on January 28. 

“Please wait for the good news from Mr. Chatri next. Superlek is the most suitable and deserving because he beat Rodtang."

This announcement comes at a precarious time, as Superlek's opponent for his Flyweight Kickboxing title defense on January 13, Elias Mahmoudi, has also fallen to the wayside due to a rib injury he suffered in training. The reigning champion would make a suitable replacement for Rodtang, and would propel Takeru straight into a title shot.

Now many fans are wondering about Rodtang's involvement in this whole story. 

Rodtang in a cast.

Pictures of the Thai star in a heavy cast around his left arm started to surface just days after facing off against Takeru at the press conference for ONE 165 on November 30. Whether Rodtang has injured his wrist after the bout announcement, or the pictures leaked were simply from a previous injury is unknown.

ONE Championship has yet to release a statement about the situation.