Kickboxing Rankings August 2023 — Toki Tamaru Knocks Out Muay Thai Champion Petchsila to Advance to the RISE World Series Semifinals

Jul 31, 2023
Fighter of the Month – Toki Tamaru. Photo: RISE
We take a look at all the top fighters that were in action during the last month.

As kickboxing continues to grow on a global scale with promotions like GLORY, K-1, ONE Championship, and more, fighters are constantly jockeying for position in the media's eyes, and rankings. Every month, the Beyond Kickboxing board will compile kickboxing rankings for each weight class from Heavyweight to Flyweight, as well as the pound-for-pound rankings for both men and women. 




Kazuki Osaki with a left hook to the body. Photo: RISE

Kazuki Osaki (5) knocked out late replacement Aiman Lahmar with low kicks in the second round of the -54 KG RISE World Series quarterfinals. A valiant effort by the only 18-year-old French fighter.




Matsutani Kira with the upset win against Phayahong. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

KANA (4) knocked out McKenna Wade with a body kick in under a minute to protect her K-1 Flyweight title. The fourth knockout in a row for the Japanese fighter. After her win, she once again called out former GLORY champion Anissa Meksen to fight her.

Miyuu Sugawara (7) defeated Dimitra Agathangelidou by unanimous decision in a non-title bout.

Phayahong (10➡NR) exits the rankings after losing by extension round unanimous decision to Kira Matsutani. 

Débora Évora (NR➡10) makes her entry, the Portuguese fighter went to a draw with Anaelle Angerville (9) in her last bout. She's the Senshi -55 KG champion.



No fighter in the top 10 has been active this month.



Easy work for Stefan Latescu. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Ștefan Lătescu (8) knocked out K-Jee with a left hook to the body in the first round. 



No fighter in the top 10 has been active this month.



Bogdan Shumarov with a solid body kick. Photo: ONE Championship

Constantin Rusu (8➡10) was knocked out by Bogdan Shumarov (NR➡9) in the last 90 seconds with a high kick. A competitive fight from start to finish. 

Arian Sadikovic (10➡NR) subsequently leaves the rankings.

Jamie Bates (6➡8) loses two spots due to a lack of results at high-level, the British fighter has only one win in the last three years, against a non-ranked opponent. He will need another big win soon, or he will leave the rankings in the near future.




Mohammed Siasarani with his arms raised. Photo: ONE Championship

Mohammad Siasarani (8) with a massive comeback win against Satanfah Sitsongpeenong under Muay Thai rules at Lumpinee Stadium. This result doesn’t affect his ranking.




Kento Haraguchi lands a kick to the liver. Photo: RISE

Petchtanong (2➡NR) leaves the rankings, he was stripped of his ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing title and suspended for a year due the use of banned substances. He had recently renewed his contract with ONE Championship and will not be able to compete outside the promotion. He will therefore reach 18 months of inactivity as he has already been out of competition for 9 months. 

Kiamran Nabati (NR➡10) makes his entry. He's the RCC Fair Fight champion and undefeated in 17 professional fights, most notably dominating Wu Lin Feng champion Meng Gaofeng in his last title defense. 

Kento Haraguchi (5) knocked out GLORY veteran Anvar Boynazarov in the first round with a liver kick as the main event of the 2023 RISE World Series in Osaka.

Chihiro Suzuki (8) took an MMA fight on short notice, and scored a huge upset win against Bellator Featherweight champion Patrício Pitbull. This result doesn’t affect his ranking.




Yoza Yuki stops his opponent in the opening round. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Yuki Yoza (1) knocked out Aikmongkol Gaiyanghadao with a liver kick in 40 seconds.

Chan Hyung Lee (7) knocked out Yuma Yamaguchi in a minute on RISE in an open finger gloves bout.

Yuto Shinohara (8) defeated Ryuka by unanimous decision.




Mehdi El Jamari & Rémi Parra at the weigh-ins. Photo: Le Choc des Gladiateurs

Huang Shuailu (9) knocked out Endy Patel in the second round with punches at Wu Lin Feng 540.

Rémi Parra (10) knocked out Mehdi El Jamari in the second round at Le Choc des Gladiateurs 21.




Taito Gunji with a big right straight. Photo: K-1 Japan Group

Taito Gunji (1) dominated Dausayam Wor. Wanchai over three rounds to get the unanimous decision victory in a non-title bout on K-1. A dominant performance, the champion dictated the pace and tested the chin of the Thai over three rounds.

Toma (3) stopped View Petchkoson with body attacks in the last seconds of their fight at K-1.

Keisuke Monguchi (7) defeated Kyo Kawakami (9) by majority decision at RISE World Series.




Shiro digs deep. Photo: RISE

Shiro (1) defeated Ruben Seoane by unanimous decision in a very competitive fight, edging just one round on all scorecards to advance to the semifinals of the 2023 RISE World Series.




The semi-final line up. Photo: RISE

Kazuki Osaki (1) knocked out late replacement Aiman Lahmar with low kicks in the second round of their -54 KG RISE World Series quarterfinals.  A valiant effort by the only 16-year-old French fighter.

Kazane (2) lost to Jin Mandokoro (7) by extension round split decision in a RISE -54 KG tournament reserve fight. If Kazane competes above the 53 KG limit in his next fight he will be removed from the rankings.

Issei Ishii (5) knocked out Eaktawan with a left hook to the body in the first round under Muay Thai rules. This result doesn’t affect his ranking.

Toki Tamaru (9) knocked out Petchsila Wor.Auracha with a brutal knee to the liver in the first round to advance to the semi final of the -54 KG RISE World Series. Tamaru will leave the rankings next month when he competes above 53 KG for the third time in a row.

Ryuki Matsuda (10) defeated Niroj Sor.Boonmeerit by unanimous decision.