Kickboxing Rankings September 2023 — Toki Tamaru Scores Huge Upset Win Over Kazuki Osaki to Advance to the RISE World Series Grand Prix Finals

Aug 31, 2023
Toki Tamaru triumphant over Kazuki Osaki. Photo: RISE
We take a look at all the top fighters that were in action during the last month.

As kickboxing continues to grow on a global scale with promotions like GLORY, K-1, ONE Championship, and more, fighters are constantly jockeying for position in the media's eyes, and rankings. Every month, the Beyond Kickboxing board will compile kickboxing rankings for each weight class from Heavyweight to Flyweight, as well as the pound-for-pound rankings for both men and women. 




Toki Tamaru & Kazuki Osaki in the ring.
Toki Tamaru with a close win over Kazuki Osaki.

Chingiz Allazov (1) defeated Marat Grigorian (7➡8) by unanimous decision. A triumphant performance for the Azerbaijani fighter, getting revenge over his long-time rival. Allazov used his excellent footwork to dominate the early rounds of the fight and weathered the championship rounds to retain his ONE Championship title.

Kazuki Osaki (5➡6) lost by majority decision to Toki Tamaru (NR➡7) in the semifinals of the RISE 54 KG World Series.

Toki Tamaru (NR➡7) makes his entry into the pound-for-pound rankings for the first time. He's coming off career-best performances against No. 1 and No. 2 ranked Flyweights, Kazuki Osaki and Kazane Nagai, plus a first-round stoppage over WMO champion Petchsila. The board was split on whether to rank him above Kazuki Osaki, positively noting that the RISE Super Flyweight (51.5 KG) champion is coming up in weight. Ultimately, he fell short in votes due to Osaki's lengthy winning streak and more impressive resume as of now.

Donovan Wisse (10➡NR) subsequently leaves the rankings.




Koyuki Miyazaki after dropping Jumliat. Photo: RISE

Koyki Miyazaki (5) knocked out Jumliat with a liver blow in the first round.

Débora Evora (10) defeated Michaela Kerlehova by unanimous decision to become WAKO Pro K-1 European champion.




No fighter in the top 10 has been active this month.



No fighter in the top 10 has been active this month.




Michael Boapeah lands a right uppercut. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing

Cesar Almeida (2) won against Lucas Fernando under MMA rules and earned himself a UFC contract. As UFC contracts are exclusive, he's officially retired as a kickboxer and will be removed from the rankings the following month.

Michael Boapeah (6) gets revenge on Sergej Braun (7), defeating him by unanimous decision after a brutal high pace fight. 



No fighter in the top 10 has been active this month.




Respect between champions. Photo: ONE Championship

Chingiz Allazov (1) defeated Marat Grigorian (4) by unanimous decision to defend his ONE Championship title.

Tyjani Beztati (5) successfully defended his GLORY Lightweight title against Kaito, winning every round on all the judges' cards.

Tawanchai (NR➡9) enters the rankings, the Thai champion broke Davit Kiria’s arm with middle kicks. 

Kiria (10➡NR) exits the rankings.

Mohammad Siasarani (8) lost by decision to reigning Lumpinee champion Kongthailand under Muay Thai rules. This doesn’t affect his ranking.



Kiamran Nabati after his knockout. Photo: RCC Fair Fight

Kiamran Nabati (10) scored a spinning back kick knockout of the year contender against Phal Sophorn in the first round of their fight at RCC Fair Fight 22.




Hideki Sasaki with a clean head kick. Photo: RISE

Chadd Collins (6) stopped Cho Kyeong Jae with a high kick in the first round at 65 KG. The Australian called out Petchpanomrung and Kento Haraguchi after the fight.

Chan Hyung Lee (7➡8) lost to Hideki Sasaki (NR➡7) by unanimous decision in what was Hideki's retirement fight. Hideki will only be ranked for this month.

Kan Nakamura (10) hurt his shoulder in the first round against Alisher Karmenov, the fight was declared a no-contest.

Hiroki Kasahara (10➡NR) falls out of the top 10, he has been winless in the division over the last 12 months.




Taiga with a big left high kick. Photo: RISE

Hyuma Hitachi (5➡6) lost by extension round unanimous decision to Taiga (NR➡5)

Rémi Parra (10➡NR) subsequently leaves the rankings.




Leaping left hook. Photo: RISE

Haruto Yasumoto (2➡4) lost by unanimous decision to Kaito Sakaguchi (NR➡3) after suffering a knockdown in the last minute of the fight. 

Luca Cecchetti (10➡NR) subsequently leaves the rankings.




Kumandoi scored a huge upset win. Photo: RISE

Shiro (1➡3) lost by unanimous decision to Kumandoi Petchyindee (NR➡2) in the RISE 54 KG World Series semifinal after he received an 8-count in the second round. 

Masahiko Suzuki (3) knocked out the undefeated Imad Salhi with a right cross in the second round of their fight at RISE 171.

Koki Osaki (6) defeated Yugo Kato (10➡NR) by unanimous decision in their rematch serving as a title eliminator for Masahiko Suzuki’s (4) RISE 55 KG belt.

Toki Tamaru (NR➡8) makes his entry after defeating Kazane, Petchsila, and Kazuki Osaki in a series of 54 KG catchweight fights to qualify for the RISE World Series final.

Mutsuki Ebata (8➡NR) leaves the rankings, he hasn’t competed in over a year. 




The 54 KG finalists - Kumandoi & Toki Tamaru. Photo: RISE

Kazuki Osaki (1) lost by majority decision to Toki Tamaru (9) in the semifinals of the RISE 54 KG World Series. This doesn't affect their standing in the Flyweight rankings.

Ryu Hanaoka (4) defeated ISKA European champion Nicolas Rivas by unanimous decision in a 54 KG catchweight bout.

Jin Mandokoro (7) knocked out Ruben Seoane with punches to qualify as the reservist for the RISE 54 KG World Series final.

Yodsila (6) lost to Rittidet under Muay Thai rules. This doesn’t affect his ranking.