"Badr Still Has the Itch to Fight" – GLORY Matchmaker Hints at Badr Hari's Participation in the December Heavyweight Grand Prix

May 24, 2023
Badr Hari in the ring at GLORY 78. Photo: GLORY Kickboxing
The two-time K-1 Grand Prix finalist might not be ready for retirement just yet.

A little over half a year ago, Badr Hari announced his intention to retire from professional competition, after suffering a unanimous decision loss at the hands of long-time rival Alistair Overeem. Although the fight has since been overturned to a no-contest, he seemed set to hang the gloves up. Understandably, as he failed to notch a single victory in the past seven years.

'The Golden Boy' might have changed his mind however.

During a press conference held by the promotion following Glory 85, GLORY matchmaker Robbie Timmers claimed Badr Hari might come back: "He still has the itch to fight". Sources contacted by Dutch news site Vechtsportinfo confirmed that both the Moroccan and fellow veteran Gökhan Saki have expressed interest in a return.

Badr Hari has since then come back to training at Mike's Gym,  coach Mike Passenier confirmed in another press conference held in anticipation of COLLISION 5. While he is currently in the gym as a sparring partner for Antonio Plazibat, who is preparing for an interim championship bout with Tariq Osaro, he could likewise be using this time to prepare for his own comeback.

Even though nothing is certain, Hari is still the biggest star signed with GLORY at the moment. His participation in the December Grand Prix would draw a large audience and would help with both live viewers and pay-per-view sales in countries without a broadcast deal.